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Privacy Policy

We Keep Your Identity And Personal Information Confidential Through Our Privacy Policy

Keeping our clients’ information safe is our top priority as described in our privacy policy. All the data transfer for payment methods and transactions is secured through the top of the line encryption techniques, and after your transaction with us is complete, we discard all your data. Our client services are barred from all sorts of trickery and risks and our client is protected through the Credit Protection Act & the Credit Card Act (2009) complying with the FBR.

Our web servers record only the required and valid information from our client such as an IP address and the domain name. All the recorded information is discarded after a transaction is complete. Cookies are used to track the vast amount of user traffic and only record a user domain name and the time spent on specific web pages.

For Quality Assurance purposes and to keep your time with us as comfortable as possible, we do maintain a record of some of your particulars so we can easily identify you and cater to your needs in the future. This information is kept safe with the latest digital security technology and is not provided to any other entity. Your personal information is kept safe from third party dealers and is not used for advertisement purposes or for mass distribution to other agencies. We value our clients and your information helps us identify you as a returning customer. This makes our future transactions with you a lot easier. We also mail discount offers to our previous clients so keeping some record of your information may indeed help you out at a later time with all the perks like getting assistance from your previous writer. reserves the right to alter this confidentiality policy statement at any time, if so required by the agency. Contact our support staff for more information about the client’s privacy and secure transactions.