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Refund Policy

Unsatisfied? Avail Our Refund Policy!

We provide the best writing services in the world. If you are still dissatisfied by the results, you can demand a refund from us as we have a valid refund policy. It is your right to demand your money back if the service you were promised is not provided to you or does not meet your requirements. However, before demanding a refund, make sure you have read our terms and conditions. We request our clients to obtain at least one revision of their placed orders before demanding a refund. The refund can be requested for the following reasons:

  • The deadline of the delivery time was not met by our agency or writer, and was not due to a faulty billing or delivery information provided to us by the client.
  • Plagiarism was detected in our service.
  • The quality of the essay received was poor.
  • The requested revision could not be completed.
  • There was no response from our support staff either through chat, phone or email for 24 hours.

The refund can be demanded only after 7 days of receiving your order. The refund will be made after 2 weeks if your request is approved by our Quality Assurance Department. Please make sure to specify whether you want a partial or a full refund, otherwise the decision will be ours. Please notethat the full refund is 90% of the total amount of your placed order.